Why Does It Feel Like The Campaigning Has Already Begun?

Get those foreheads ready, babies - some kissing pollies are on the horizon!

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has nipped in the bud speculation of an early federal election.

The coalition government is planning to hand down a federal budget in April before sending Australians to the polls in May. Asked whether he was considering bringing the election date forward to March, Mr. Morrison told the Seven Network on Monday: "No."

But if you’re wondering why you feel like an election is close, it might be because there is a little bit of early campaigning going on.

You have Clive Palmer’s spam text clogging up people’s phones.


Plus, the usual game of pollie dress-up with Deputy PM Michael McCormack getting about in his Elvis costume, obviously trying to appeal to the Graceland voters.

Michael McCormack being his best self
McCormack delivering some classic Elvis poses here.

Then, just hours before Bill Shorten was due to make an announcement on funding for Kakadu, the PM swooped in and stole his thunder.

Scomo obviously a bit sweaty from all his swooping.

And there’s still around four months of this campaign madness to go! There’s not much we can do to stop it sadly, so hide your babies’ foreheads while you can.

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