Why A Pub In Melbourne Is Banning Lemon, Lime And Bitters

A Victorian pub will be banning lemon, lime and bitters for children

Victoria pub The Panton Hill Hotel has decided to ban children from drinking lemon, lime and bitters, as reported by the Herald Sun. And no, it’s not because they hate children.

While the drink may seem like an innocent beverage, it contains alcohol. After a new alcohol rule was introduced in Victoria, it may leave the pub vulnerable to a fine if children are found drinking it.

So, unless your nine-year-old has a very convincing fake ID, then they’ll need to stick to your classic fruit juices and lemonade, or maybe just the sour juice of lemon and lime.

According to, some parents are even calling the move “ridiculous.”

The hotel’s manager, Lynda Hunter, told the Herald Sun that it was “to safeguard ourselves from a penalty.”

To clear up some of the confusion, a spokeswoman for the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation said a “minor addition of bitters to a soft drink usually doesn’t constitute as liquor…”

However, Lynda said, “The way we make it, it is no longer just a couple of drops of bitters.”

No word yet if they’ll soon be banning red wine reduction in their beef stew.