The Internet Loses It After Someone Gets A Tattoo Of Tony Abbott

A reddit user has received mixed reviews after posting a photo of his Tony Abbott tattoo

Remember that infamous 2011 interview with Tony Abbott, when he stood in awkward silence for 28 seconds? Remember the look of panic on his face? Well, a Reddit user has decided to get it tattooed on his arm, along with the words, “You’re not saying anything, Tony?”

The reddit user sent Tony the image via Instagram, writing “I got this today, Tony. What do you think?”

After no response, he followed it up with a comment, “You’re not saying anything, Tony?!?”

So it’s quite a feat knowing that Tony has managed to beat his previous record of 28 seconds of silence.

It’s still a mystery why the reddit user didn’t get a more appealing tattoo, like some Chinese calligraphy he doesn’t understand, or a tear drop tattoo.

It’s only a matter of time until he gets a Pauline Hanson entering the Senate in a burqa tramp stamp, or a Kevin Rudd picking his nose bicep tat.

His tattoo has received mixed reviews online, with one user saying, “You should no longer be allowed to make decisions,” and another writing, “This tattoo was 2 prime ministers ago. I’m sure even Tony doesn’t care.”

But some Reddit users were fully on board, with one saying, “I think it’s awesome. It made me laugh, which is more than I can say for most inane tattoos. You do you, man!”

We’ll be sure to update you if Tony Abbott responds to the tattoo. In the meantime, we’re still counting how long he’s been silence for. We’re currently at 18-hours!