Dreamt About Death Recently? Here’s Why.

We’re more likely to dream about death over the holidays.

If you’ve been having particularly morbid dreams lately don’t worry – you’re not alone. Dreaming about death is perfectly common, especially over the holiday period. Having a snooze and having a brain-movie (dream) play involving yourself or a loved one dying is more common over New Year’s than at any other time of the year.

The average person has five dreams a night. At some point you’re going to run out of places to fly, or work places to show up with without your clothes, and your mind is going to wander over to the dream world of death.

Even though seeing yourself die in a dream might feel bad, dream experts or dreamperts as nobody calls them, think that death dreams are good because they are a normal reaction to daily stress.

I'm never falling in my dreams, but donuts always are.

“A lot people do tend to have death dreams at this time of year,” dream analyst, Jane Teresa Anderson told News Corp. “We all get to new year and we say ‘oh, my New Year’s resolution is to stop this… I’m going to put an end to this…’ Sometimes our dreams can be our unconscious response to what we’ve decided to kill off or put an end to in our life.”

So, if you’re having more dreams where you end up dead, don’t worry it might be because you’ve decided to quit eating chocolate and your subconscious just thinks it would rather be dead.

In my dreams, I'm the goose.

The holidays can be a time of high stress, a lot of planning, a lot of activities, a lot of spending time with family that can bring it’s own smorgasbord of stresses, and it’s entirely likely that those daytimes stresses will end up in our dreams.

Anderson advises that “It’s really important to say that most deaths we might dream of are probably positive, in order to move onto new things we have to let go of old things.”

Sweet dreams!