Could Tassie Be Its Own Country?

I mean, I already call my trips to Tasmania ‘overseas holidays’

Tasmania is a great place - you’ve got cute Tassie devils, delicious scallop pies and the poo machine at Mona, I mean what more could you want?

But does Tasmania have enough to be its own separate country? Strategic futurist Marcus Barber reckons it could.

Barber told the ABC "I think (Tasmania has) got some natural advantages that maybe it's not tapped into at a global level scene just yet… That then opens up the possibility of how does (Tasmania) fund its existence once it separates from Australia."

Tassie also surely has enough food to go it alone, with 80 per cent of what they produce being exported. Agricultural consultant Jan Davis explained to the ABC

“…certainly, that would be an income earner for us, and on the flip side of that we can also provide most of the food that we'd need as well."

And the little island down under might not need its own military, but only a coast guard. Australian Strategic Policy Institute senior defence analyst Dr Malcolm Davis pointed out to the ABC.

"It faces no military threats whatsoever, the most it would need to do would be the sort of constabulary work like search and rescue, dealing with illegal fishing, and that sort of thing,"

So, it seems pretty obvious, it’s time for the little island to separate its self from the mainland right?

Well, sadly it’s not that simple, there is nothing within the Australian constitution to facilitate a state to leave the federation. If Tassie wants out, then they will have to re-write the constitution and hold a referendum.

"It would have to be approved by a majority of Australians in a majority of states, so that's four out of six states and because it would affect Tasmania in particular, of those four states one would have to be Tasmania," Professor Anne Twomey from the University of Sydney explained to the ABC.

So, Tassie stays, thank goodness. I love visiting Tasmania and the poo machine in Brisbane isn’t that good to be honest.