What Did Aussies Google Search The Most In 2018?

We reveal some of the most popular Google searches in Australia for 2018

Data from Google has revealed the top searches by Aussies for 2018. Overall, the World Cup won the number one place. In other words, the World Cup won the World Cup of Google Searches.

Coming in second was the Commonwealth Games, with Meghan Markle ranking third. So just another reason for her estranged siblings to hate her even more.

Unsurprisingly, the top Googled news events were the Royal Wedding, the Thai Cave Rescue, and the Wentworth by-election coming in third.

It appears that we were also a little more health conscious this year, with many Aussies Googling “How to lose weight fast,” and “How to lose belly fat.” No word yet if those searches were later followed by Googling “How to show off those sexy abs.”

Many of our top food searches included eggplant, tofu, beetroot and couscous. But don’t get too excited- the context is a mystery. We could’ve just been Googling “How to dispose of eggplant, tofu, beetroot and couscous.”

The most Googled Australians included Barnaby Joyce, Scott Morrison, and Peter Dutton. So, it must be nice for Scott Morrison to finally be at the top of a poll.

As for 2019 Google searches, we’re predicting some heavy traffic around Donald Trump, Brexit, and Meghan’s baby. Alternatively, we might still be trying to work out how to lose that belly fat, or what the heck to do with couscous.