More And More Aussies Are Giving Second-Hand Gifts

Though my partner wasn’t too happy with her box of second-hand chocolates

Stuff - there’s heaps of it. Every Christmas we make even more stuff to give to each other as presents. A lot of those presents end up on the garbage pile as it wasn’t the stuff we really wanted or it just wasn’t good stuff to begin with.

In many ways, it makes more sense to not make new stuff, but to maybe give some of that old stuff as presents. Well, new research by the classified advertising site Gumtree shows more and more Aussies are doing just that, giving their friends and family second-hand presents during the holiday period.

The research found that 65 percent of people would be happy to get a second-hand gift, which is up from the 55 percent of people from just a year ago.

But interestingly, about a third of second-hand gift givers worried that they would be seen as cheapskates.

Gumtree spokesperson Kirsty Dunn spoke to the Adelaide Advertiser about the trend.

“Historically there was more of a stigma … It’s good to see more people becoming eco-conscious,” the person trying to get you to use their second-hand goods site said.

With the research also finding that the average Australian spends about $670 on Christmas presents, buying second-hand might be a great way to pinch those pennies during the festive season.