‘Lift Legends’ To Be The Silent Heroes Of The Festive Season

P-Platers encouraged to be the designated drivers for their drunk parents as part of QLD’s new anti-drink-driving campaign.

A new road safety campaign targeting drink driving over the festive season will encourage Queenslanders to plan ahead by organising a #LiftLegend.

Transport and Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey said 'Lift Legends' would be the silent heroes of the festive season as they got people safely home after a big night out.

“Everyone needs a #LiftLegend this festive season and on Sunday 9 December our annual Christmas road safety campaign will put the call out to recruit them,” Mr Bailey stated in today’s media release by the QLD Government.

A #LiftLegend can be a friend, loved one, colleague, the local bus or cab driver.

The new campaign is to be rolled out over the coming Christmas period.

The campaign features an ad depicting “lift legends” being serenaded by their inebriated parents, mates and partners as they safely taxi them home after a big night.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said the timing was right to launch the new ad to campaign with the school term winding up and Christmas almost upon us.

“We all know how many years mums and dads spend driving kids to play dates, parties, school and weekend sport,” the Premier said.

“Plenty also do the nightclub run to make sure their children get home safe from a night out.

“This campaign shows how some lucky parents get paid back with homegrown designated drivers. Seems fair to me.”

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Mark Bailey says, ‘‘The dangers of drink driving are well known but many still continue to drink and drive.’’

“On average, 55 people are killed and 550 seriously injured each year on Queensland roads because of drink driving.

‘‘Drink drivers represented one quarter of the road toll last year.

“These aren’t just statistics, they’re children, parents, friends, and loved ones.”

The campaign will run all the way through to Australia Day. It will feature television, cinema and radio ads as well as an online and social media advertising campaign.