New Study Finds Link Between Highschool Personality Traits And Mortality

My money is on the theatre nerds doing well

We all had our place in high school, whether it was out running on the football field, huddled inside the computer lab or building a crossbow in the woodworking room trying to convince the teacher it’s just an ash tray.

And though we like to think we have bloomed since the blunder years, gained wisdom and confidence in adulthood, deep down inside we know we’ll always be that awkward kid in an oversized hoodie, swallowing mouthfuls of snakes alive and clutching a copy of Mad magazine.

Well now a new study published in the Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health has found that our high school personality might have a lot more bearing on our later lives than we thought.

The study viewed close to 5 years of data from 26,000 former high school students and concluded that ‘Adaptive personality traits in high school are associated with all-cause mortality in the USA as far into the future as the seventh decade’, which basically means, certain personalities form high school won’t live as long.

You’re probably dying to know who dies first, well according to the study if you were mature, empathetic, calm and tidy, you will live along and happy life (Have theses researchers ever been to a high school? Not one kid at my school matched any of these traits).

While the self-confident, impulsive and social kids are more likely to be pushing up the daisies later in life (Oh God, I am so dead!).

You can read all bout it here, meanwhile I’m going to take out some life insurance.