Paris Hilton Refuses To Give Back Her Engagement Ring

Maybe she just can’t get it off her finger

Back in January things were looking great for old mate Paris Hilton. Her boyfriend: actor, model and star of ‘Piranha 3DD’ Chris Zylka proposed to her on a fricken mountain in Aspen Colorado, she was on top of the world.

But sadly, the magic faded, the couple called it quits a few weeks ago according to TMZ, presumably on a mountain somewhere.

That should be the end of the story, but it isn’t.  In a shocking twist: actor, model and star of ‘Shark Night 3D’ Chris Zylka has asked for the engagement ring back.

According to Page Six, Zylka has asked Paris to return the ring, but Paris has refused because she says the ring was actually a gift from her friend; Jeweller Michael Greene.

Confusing right, well it gets worse. Because according to TMZ, actor, model and star of ‘My Super Psycho Sweet 16: Part 3’ Chris Zylka did pay for the ring, but just at a huge discount.

The ring contains 20-carat diamonds and is worth $US2 Million dollars, which is way too expensive for little old Zylka, I don’t care how much money he made from the 2015 film ‘I Killed My BFF’.

According to, Zylka is only worth a measly $US4 million dollars. Which means he spent half his cheddar on the rock, but I doubt it.

Will Paris ever give it back? Who knows? She’s in Melbourne at the moment to promote her latest fragrance, but the ring is noticeably absent.