Big Lotto Winner From The UK Is Making His Way To Australia

He’s going to be devastated when he finds out no pubs have Fosters

After Adrian Bayford won 148 million pounds in 2012, his life should have been an absolute dream. With that amount of money, he could have bought a couple of small islands and eaten Viennetta for breakfast every single day. But unfortunately, Adrian’s dream life has become a bit of a nightmare.

He got divorced from his wife Gillian in 2013 and since then has been dumped three times by new lovers. He’s also struggled with the notoriety, with close friends telling the Sun that he no longer feels comfortable going out for a beer because ‘everyone wants a piece’ of him.

So, what’s this seemingly unlucky lotto winner to do? Turns out it’s pack up shop and move Down Under.

Yep, Adrian has sold of his 38-house property and all of his animals, closed his two record shops, and hopefully given his mates his left over Viennettas, and will make his way to our beautiful southern land.

Close friends say he will move to a secret location and ‘reinvent’ himself (which, to be honest, this article is probably going to make it quite hard for him to do).

So next time you’re at a pub in Broken Hill, look out for a bloke in fake beard with a British accent, it might be a multi-millionaire. And if it is him, leave him alone, this is the exact thing he didn’t want to happen.