Celeste Barber’s Posts Ripped Off By Diet Patch Company

When parody is turned into body shaming

Instagram superstar Celeste Barber has made a career out of taking absurd celebrity poses and doing her own all-too real-life versions.

But last week she discovered that she’s had her images ripped off in an online ad for diet patches – and been body-shamed into the bargain.

The 36-year-old Aussie’s photoshoot parodies have gathered her over five million Instagram followers, and has led to her writing her own memoir, Challenge Accepted! (subtitled 253 Steps to Becoming An Anti-It Girl).

But the online retailer has twisted the intent behind her images, swapping the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images to try to flog the adhesive patches.

The images show Celeste mimicking a model improbably stretched out over a bathtub, and a parody of Naomi Campbell in bed with Skepta (although Celeste’s beau looks decidedly less impressed).

Caption: Celeste’s original posts from earlier this year. Image: Instagram/celestebarber
Caption: Celeste’s original posts from earlier this year. Image: Instagram/celestebarber

The ‘diet pad’ sellers labelled Celeste’s photos “before” and the originals “after”, although they obviously feature different people.

No matter how effective your adhesives, they’re not going to turn Celeste into Naomi Campbell.

Not to mention that it’s the opposite message to what her posts are saying.

April Singleton Dunn spotted the ads on online shopping app Wish Shopping, and alerted Celeste to the scam over Twitter.

Image: Twitter/ape1ton
Image: Twitter/ape1ton

Celeste quickly shot a tweet to Wish Shopping, calling them out.

Celeste’s fans came up in force to support her, with several suggesting she take things further.

But for now, she’s at least seemed to have had success getting the ad in question pulled from the site.

Now we’ll just wait and see if diet patches crop up in any future Celeste Challenges.