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Catholic evangelicals launch Follow JC Go

It’s been a couple of years since the world was briefly dominated by people roaming the world, head in their phone, excitedly shrieking when they caught a Squirtle, Bulbasaur or Charmander.

But now a Catholic evangelical group is resurrecting the concept of Pokémon GO – in Jesus form.

‘Follow JC GO!’ is a new app which allows players to catch saints and Biblical figures, instead of the monsters that inhabit the Pokemon universe.

The game, created by Catholic “evangelisation” team Fundación Ramón Pané, is currently available in Spanish on both Apple and Android, with English, Italian and Portuguese versions to follow in the coming weeks.

And there’s no better proof that saints walk the Earth than to put saints walking the Earth.

You even get to choose a cool avatar
You even get to choose a cool avatar

You progress through the game by answering scripture questions posed by the saints themselves. That’s excellent preparation for facing the big quizmaster at the Pearly Gates.

It also encourages you to pray when you go past a church. And you can’t just hit the pray button.

According to the executive director of the 'Follow JC GO!' team, even the Pope is a fan.

"You know, Francis is not a very technological person, but he was in awe, he understood the idea, what we were trying to do: combine technology with evangelisation," Ricardo Grzona told Catholic news site Crux Now.

Reportedly the app cost $500,000, raised through sponsorship and private donations. Work on the app dates back to August 2016 – at absolute Peakamon GO – and 43 designers, theologians, Bible experts, and Church historians spent 32,000 work hours on it.

It has received mixed reviews – currently rating 3.0 stars on the Apple App Store and 3.2 on Android. Though if you have given a 1 star review, be prepared to Pokémon GO To Hell.

Pokémon GO! was wildly successful on its launch in 2016, and continues to do well, with over 800 million downloads and revenue of more than US$2 billion.

Now with Follow JC GO!, perhaps it will be the Catholic Church who will catch US all.

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