New Survey Shows Australians Are Filthy Liars

That’s if we are to believe these survey people - they might be lying!

Australians - we think we’re a pack of straight shooters, a bunch of fair dinkum blokes and shelias, a group of real honest to goodness, salt of the earth, delicious truth speakers. But it turns out we’re not, we are a bunch of despicable liars, at least that’s according to a new survey by WPP AUNZ.

Based on 25,000 interviews across Australia, it uncovered some shocking stuff. For instance, 27% said they lied about their whereabouts to family and friends, (I knew Aunt Linda was lying to me!) 29% admit to doing something illegal, (you can’t park here Aunt Linda) and one third of Australians will stay in an unhappy relationship (Uncle Steve, you should divorce Aunt Linda).

But that’s not all, some of the people surveyed dropped some absolute bombshells A 48-year-old woman from Sydney stated that she resented her children.

“I tell everyone I love being a mum, but I resent my three daughters and the life I gave up to have them.”

While a mid-40s man from regional Victoria was sneaking away for little private holidays.

“Sometimes it gets too much… so I tell everyone I have a work trip and go spend a few nights in a hotel somewhere.”

The survey was an attempt to better understand Australians.

“We commissioned this research and partnered with a leading anthropologist because we wanted to understand the reasons behind our desires to keep secrets and tell lies,” said Rose Herceg, WPPP AUNZ chief strategy officer.

What I’ve learned is to never trust anyone I speak to… ever.