How Your Toilet Could Soon Help Monitor Your Health

Intelligent toilets can measure bio-markers in urine

What you need to know
  • Cambridge scientists have developed intelligent toilets that can monitor health
  • The toilets detect bio-markers in urine and store the data directly on the user's phone

Anyone who has been to Japan knows how great smart toilets are. The seat is heated, they play classical music for you, and can even spray your bum with warm water. They truly are one of life’s great joys. But, they do raise the obvious question: Can the toilet experience be fun and a diagnostic tool for monitoring health and detecting early-stage disease?

Well, the answer to that awfully specific question is: Yes.

Cambridge scientists have found a way to do so by making toilets even smarter. New intelligent toilets developed by the University of Cambridge are equipped with nano-sensors that detect bio-markers in urine, which can help to measure blood-sugar levels and monitor risk factors for disease.

They can even be used to detect the amount of alcohol in your blood, which means that police might soon be replacing random breath tests with random ‘pee into this bucket’ tests, which will certainly make Channel 9’s RBT a lot more confronting.

Once the bio-markers have been measured, the information gets stored on an app on the user’s phone. So, if you are sharing a toilet with someone else, it’s a great way to keep an eye on how much they’ve been drinking. There’s even an option of sending the information directly to your GP, which is a far more effective option than just sending your doctor pictures of your pee.

The technology means that people might be able to detect disease earlier and thus improve treatment. It might also help reduce the burden on the health system if these types of diagnostic tests can be conducted at home rather than pathology labs.

All we need to do now is combine this technology with preexisting Japanese technology so you can listen to Mozart and find out if you’re diabetic at the same time, all while relieving your bladder. The future truly is now.