The YouTuber Who Cheated At Fortnite And Got Sued

Epic Games sues Fortnite player who sells cheats online.

Brandon Lucas has a ton of subscribers on his YouTube channel Golden Modz, well over 1.7 million, and they’re all tuning in to watch videos of him cheating at Fortnite.

Lucas often plays hacked or modified versions of Fornite, and other games like Grand Theft Auto. He also runs a website that sells cheats like automatic aiming, for more than two hundred dollars.

When you find out Epic Games gonna sue you

Epic Games, the developers of Fortnite, are suing Brandon and his frequent video partner Colton Conter for using and selling cheats. Epic Games said in their legal filing that the pair “are cheaters" and "nobody likes a cheater".

"Defendant Lucas not only cheats, he also promotes, advertises, and sells software that enables those who use it to cheat.”

Lucas sells a bunch of hacks on his website, including an aimbot, which lets players automatically target and kill enemies without having to, you know, aim. He also sells merch on his website in case you’ve ever wanted a T-shirt that says ‘Keep Calm And Stay Golden’ on it.

Golden Modz shooting without using the aimbot

Epic Games also filed a copyright complaint with YouTube that resulted in several Golden Modz videos being removed which featured the aimbot cheat in the game.

Lucas released a video called ‘Golden Modz sued by Fortnite’ where he complained he didn’t understand why Epic Games had sued him.

“I’m confused because there’s about a thousand other content creators on YouTube that make Fortnite content.”