Ken Faces The Classic Shark-Or-Croc Dilemma

When one deadly animal just isn’t enough

What would be worse – having a shark in your boat, or a croc waiting for you on shore?

A Queensland family faced this croco-dilemma when a two-metre bull shark (pictured at the top of the article) leapt into their boat, and thrashed about.

The family were rescued, but weren’t long out of the frying pan when they came face-to-face with the fire – a crocodile on the river bank.

Ken Madsen had been fishing with his grandson on the Proserpine River in the Whitsunday region earlier this month when he clocked an almighty splash and heard the family yelping for help as the shark jumped into their tinnie.

"There was an almighty commotion and carry on, and the next thing I hear is 'help', 'help' and saw the tail end of the shark disappearing into the boat," Ken told the Sunshine Coast Daily.

"The kids ran up the front of the boat because there wasn't much room.

"You could see the seat from the boat floating down the river. The shark had knocked it out when it jumped in."

Mr Masden relaunched his boat and went to the family's aid, taking two kids onboard, and towing the tinnie back to shore, the stunned shark still lolling around in the belly of the vessel.

With the help of two other men, they were able to grab the shark by the tail and haul it onto a pontoon, where they took photos of the bloodied beast.

But the drama didn't end there, with some members of the petrified family initially unwilling to leave their boat after a croc was spotted on the river bank nearby.

All members of the family made it safety back to shore eventually, but Mr Madsen said they were scared stiff by their October 5 experience.

"The kids reckon they're never going fishing again."

Unfortunately it was a bit of a missed opportunity to determine just who would win out of a shark and a croc.

Though it sounds like Grandpa Ken will triumph every time.

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(Featured image: The bull shark after it was pulled ashore before being returned to the water. Image via Mark Norman.)