French Scientist Proves Eating In The Antarctic Isn’t Easy

Unless you’re a big fan of frozen berries, Al fresco really isn’t an option

Food during the winter time can be one of life’s great comforts; a delightful warm bowl of soup or a hearty Sunday roast can warm even the coldest of cold hearts. But in some parts of the world it gets so frosty that a warm meal will provide very little comfort.

French scientist Cyprien Verseux demonstrated the realities of culinary pursuits in the icy tundra on his instagram account recently. While trying to enjoy a simple bowl of pasta the air temperature was so incredibly low that the spaghetti froze solid, leaving the fork suspended in mid-air.

Frozen Sapghetti

It wasn’t just Italian cuisine Cyrpien wanted to enjoy outside, he also gave some scrabbled eggs and a bit of honey on toast a go, but the results were pretty much the same; an inedible gravity defying dish.

Frozen Eggs
Frozen Honey

Cyprien was obviously so hungry and bored that he threw pot of boiling water into the air, the water froze almost instantly turning into a shower of ice crystals, so that’s cool.

Boiling Water

With the average winter temperature at the south pole being about -49 degrees Celsius, it looks like most of Cyprien’s meals will turn out much the same, so he better stick to eating inside, near a heater and quickly.