Russian Salon Creates Furry Nail Design

Perfect if you’re going for the yeti look

Salon nails might look nice, but they’ve never been the most practical beauty service. If you’ve got long nails you can’t use a keyboard properly, can’t open a can of delicious soda-pop and if you’ve got something in your eye, you risk potentially blinding yourself just trying to get it out.

Well now, a Moscow-based nail salon ‘Nail Sunny’ has come up with a way to make nails even more impractical, hairy nails.

Now don’t think it’s some clever invention revolutionizing the salon world, like nails made from strands of human hair or nails made to look like hair. No, it’s just gluing hair onto the ends of your fingers and it looks as ridiculous as it sounds.

If you want to look like you’ve patted a dog for way to long and always live in danger of getting your nails court in your bike chain or escalator, then this is the style for you. And it does sort of make sense, both hair and nails are made from the same protein; alpha-keratin.

You can see the whole thing on Nail Sunny’s Instagram page as well as their other wild nail designs like noodle nails and ant nails.