Food And Drink Banned At Opera Due To Punters Sneaking In Booze

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There are people out there who enjoy watching opera, they have to exist. But for every eager Esclarmonde enthusiast there is someone in the crowd who was dragged along by their friend hating every minute of it. Sitting there bored out of their minds, not understanding what’s going on and praying for the thing to end. And it’s perfectly understandable if this person might want to indulge in a one or two standard alcoholic drinks in an attempt to ease their pain.

This is why most opera houses offer refreshments - have a glass of plonk and a couple of wasabi peas, suddenly this opera thing ain’t too bad; you can forgive the production for skimping out on a decent butterfly costume.

But sadly, at the English National Opera, punters were not happy with the drinks on offer and decided to sneak in their own weekend-water. As reported by the Evening Standard, this prompted the ENO to ban all outside food and drinks, forcing anyone wishing to enter the auditorium to empty their water onto the ground.

A bold move that was met with criticism on twitter…

Tweet Opera 1

ENO’s Chief executive Stuart Murphy tried to clear things up by explaining that audience members had been decanting vodka into water bottles.

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Once again, a small minority have ruined opera for the rest of us. From now on don’t try and sneak alcohol into a venue; unless it’s in your stomach.

Image Credit: EPA/Neil Hall