What Will Be Australia’s Next Big Thing?

It’s down to the final four

What you need to know
  • The four shortlisted finalists have been released
  • The contenders are from Kingaroy QLD, Mittagong NSW, Chincilla QLD and Glen Innes NSW

Australia is famous for its big things. We’ve got The Big Merino, The Big Banana and Bill Shorten’s forehead.

And now we’re about to get another big thing. Travel site Wotif has been taking submissions from all over Australia about what we should add to our big collection, and they’ve just released the four shortlisted finalists.

Kingaroy QLD has put in a bid for The Big Peanut, which would serve as a huge tourism boost, and a huge warning sign for people with nut allergies. Mittagong NSW wants to build The Big Tulip for the Tulip Time floral festival. Chincilla QLD is keen for The Big Melon; a giant watermelon with a giant bite taken out of it. And Glen Innes NSW has applied to make The Big Kilt to pay homage to its Celtic heritage. If it does get commissioned, let’s hope it isn’t too windy in Glen Innes, or visitors might cop an eyeful of The Giant Bum Crack.

Notable mentions that didn’t make the shortlist include The Big Footy, The Big Heel, The Big Strawberry and The Big Loo, presumably because it would also require The Big Plunger every time it got blocked.

We at The Project have some big ideas for big things in the future. The Big Big M would essentially be an extra, extra, extra, large Big M. To pay homage to the national broadcaster, we reckon The Big Banana in Pyjamas would be a lovely tribute. And The Big Sponge in Canberra would be really helpful to clean up after all of those leadership spills.

The winner out of the four-shortlisted finalists is determined by the public, so you have until 9 October 2018 to cast your vote.