Meet The US Family Campaigning To Get Their Brother Kicked Out Of Congress

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Siblings can be a pain. Always pinching you, or pulling your hair, or running campaign ads against your attempt to be re-elected to Congress.

That’s the reality for Arizona congressman Paul Gosar, who’s facing an ad campaign featuring no less than six of his siblings, tearing into him for the reasons why he shouldn’t be re-elected for a fifth term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The six siblings lined up to condemn Paul’s policies on immigration, the environment and health care, and to endorse his opponent, Democratic candidate, Dr David Brill, who released the video on Friday.

Paul is the eldest son in a family of 10 children who grew up in Wyoming, and as a hardline Trump defender, he doesn’t share the political views of many of his siblings.

In particular, Paul’s hardline views on immigration, and beliefs in conspiracy theories drove a wedge between Paul and his siblings.

In October last year, Gosar suggested that the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville which resulted in one death and many injuries, was coordinated by “the left” – pointing the finger specifically at billionaire George Soros, who he said “turned his own people in to the Nazis”.

One of the siblings featured in the ad, David Gosar, told the Phoenix New Times that voters would be doing their family a favour by kicking Paul out of politics.

"He just doesn’t appear to be well," David said, referring to the Congressman’s “mangled” language, and his increasingly extreme political positioning.

David is joined in the ads by his siblings Tim, Jennifer, Gaston, Joan and Grace. Another brother, Pete, also had a tilt at politics - he ran for governor of Wyoming in 2014, as a Democrat.

There are more videos to come. In one, Grace Gosar reportedly says, “It would be difficult to see my brother as anything but a racist.”

But there’s one family member that seemingly still has Paul’s political back – his 85-year-old mother Bernadette.

Featured Image: YouTube/Brill For Congress