Wedge-tailed Eagle To Become World’s First Animal Powered Drone

Still no confirmation on whether or not they’ll pay the eagle with rabbits

Sondor had the dream job for any bird, a regular gig at Alice Springs Desert Park's ‘Birds of Prey’ live show. He not only got free food and board, but also the adoration of young children everywhere.

But unfortunately for Sondor, this all came crashing down. He lost that job one fateful day when he made contact with an audience member. What was poor Sondor to do? He had lost everything. But luckily one of the keepers, Cameron Candy, had plans for sweet Sondor… strap a camera to that bird.

That’s right, over the past few years they have been training Sondor to fly through the sky with a small camera attached, to give a literal birds chest view of the Australian outback. Cameron told the ABC…

"I decided that it was a good opportunity to try something new and that's where the idea for training the bird to wear a harness with a camera came from. A creative response turning a negative into a positive."

Now you might be thinking it could have been easier to just release beautiful Sondor into the wild. Well you see Sondor was hand reared, and to release him to the wild would have taken a lot more effort. Surprisingly transforming Sondor into a weird camera bird hybrid is the easier option.

This might just be the beginning of this Flintstone’s style ‘animal replacing technology’ scenario. Maybe one day we will see a goat garbage disposal or a rat Roomba. Who knows what the future holds?