You Need To Be Wearing Sunscreen… Pretty Much All The Time

New research shows we need to be wearing sunscreen more than we think.

The smell of sunscreen… it conjures up images of fun summer days by the beach; swimming in the clear blue waters, lying on the soft white sand or being stung by a cute little blue ring octopus.

Well now new research suggests that maybe we shouldn’t just associate sunscreen with summer, but spring, autumn and winter as well.

A recent study by the Australian National University and New Zealand National Institute of Water and Atmosphere Research found that sun risk could be a year-round dilemma.

The study measured total UV over the course of a full day, from both the clear skies of the South Island of New Zealand to the cloudy days of Melbourne. It found that most days contained a high enough UV for potential sun damage, and places like Melbourne had only 2 days out of the year where the UV was low enough to be sunscreen free.

Current health groups only recommend sun protection when the UV rating reached a 3 or above, but this new research could change all that.

ANU professor; Robyn Lucas told the Canberra times "I would suspect there would be no days in Canberra [and most of Australia] where you can't get sunburnt… but I was surprised by the shortness of the time [we found] it took to actually get sunburnt… someone pale... would burn in say 30 minutes [in winter],".

So, sunscreen is no longer just for summer, but also for those cold winter days, fresh spring mornings and brisk Autumn afternoons.