Woman Receives 300 Word Letter From Tinder Date

Dating is bad enough, but now I have to write as well?

It’s tough in the dating world; you go on date after date with hundreds of losers hoping just one of them is tolerable enough to spend the rest of your life with and most of them aren’t.

Dating sites and apps are supposed to make things easier, but really, they’ve turned the dating world into an impersonal creepy hellscape, where the possibility of receiving an unsolicited pic of a man’s todger higher than it’s ever been in history.

Well one woman in the UK came up with a clever way to filter out the creeps and losers; by forcing them to write words.

Jessica-May Giles form the UK, received a weird message on tinder from a bloke called Mitchell asking to ‘apply’ for ‘the position of future husband’. She tried to double down on his strange corporate-y behaviour by asking him to email his ‘best cover letter of why you think you’d be suitable for the roll of husband’, and old mitch was all too happy to oblige.

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Jessica received a 300-word letter from Mitchell, which among other things listed his skills as ‘good cuddler’, ‘top tea maker’ and other vomit inducing sappy nonsense.

Somehow after reading the letter Jessica didn’t go blind from rolling her eyes out of her sockets, but actually enjoyed his little courtship memo.

Jessica told the metro UK ‘I thought putting that I was wanting to find a future husband would be a funny request and not something people would usually do on Tinder. I had only put that on my profile the day before, and I knew I’d get some banter from it so jumped at the chance when Mitchell asked how they could apply. I never thought he would actually send it, but when the email came through I thought it was hilarious – you’ve got to love a grafter!’.

Since the letter Jess and Mitch have continued to message each other, and Jessica is keen to meet Mitch face to face.

Is this a sign that romance isn’t dead? Or a sign that standards have dropped to an all time low? We will never know, but at least a weird application letter is better than an unsolicited pecker polaroid.

Image credit: Jonathan Brady/AAP