Why Did This Orange Turn Purple?

A Brisbane mother bought an orange, and after giving it to her child, noticed it had turned purple!

Forensic testing is being carried out on an orange that turned purple after Brisbane mother, Neti Moffitt, gave it to her two-year-old son.

Moffitt cut up the orange for her son, only noticing the next day that it had turned purple overnight. She cross-checked it with the slices her son had eaten the previous day, which were now in the bin. Sure enough, they also had turned purple. It’s basically like the fruit version of a mood ring - mood fruit! 

It feels like false advertising to call an orange an orange when it’s not orange but purple. It should be called a purple. That’s like a blueberry being red, or a watermelon containing no water. And let’s not get into pineapples - where’s the apple?

Nine News reported in 2015 on several cases of oranges turning purple, but after forensic testing they found no artificial colouring and no traces of iodine. The results were inconclusive, although there were suspicions that the knife used to cut the fruit was contaminated, but this couldn’t be proved. It has now become one of the greatest mysteries of the 21st century, along with whatever Bitcoin is, and if Elon Musk is a human or an inter-space being.

According to ABC News, Moffitt contacted Queensland Health to investigate the strange occurrence. Moffitt said the gentleman who came to collect the purple orange was “very, very excited.”

“They’re baffled, they’re absolutely stumped. No-one knows what caused it,” Moffitt quipped to ABC News. Well, nobody can rule out that it’s not mood fruit. That one is still on the table.