X-Box Creates Limited Edition Grease-proof Controller

To be honest, it’s ridiculous that it’s taken this long for it to happen

Playing video games and eating roast chicken, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures. Nothing beats gnawing on a greasy drumstick while popping sad boys in one of your latest military fps bloodbaths.

The only downside is your stupid controller would get all greased up, a possum would catch a whiff, leap in through the window and carry that little joy-pad into the night, never to be seen again... this specific scenario was happening to me on a dag-nab daily basis!

Well now, thankfully, this is no longer a problem with Xbox Australia releasing the grease-proof controller; a grey and yellow device impervious to beef oils, bird lards and face drippings.

But why now? Why didn’t the first Xbox come with a grease-proof controller? Why didn’t the first ever console; the Magnavox Odyssey, come with a grease-proof spin dial, to protect from it from accidental fondue spills?

Well, the controller is here specifically to celebrate the release of PUBG on Xbox One, the game has gone from preview to full product release. And if you’ve ever played PUBG you know the iconic phrase delivered to the last player standing ‘WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!’. Chicken is greasy, it’s a grease-proof controller, you do the math.

PUBG Greaseproof Controller

Unfortunately, this is a limited edition type deal, with only 10 controllers being given out to a number of lucky players (I’m guessing 10).

And look, I suppose it’s a great idea to help promo a launch of a video game, but why isn’t this just a standard thing? Why can’t you opt in for a fat free joystick with every console purchase? Why can’t they reboot Q-bert?

Hopefully these questions will be answered one day, but until then, I will be doing everything I can to get this controller and cut down on the possum home invasions.

Image credit: Xbox Australia