Dipping Fried Chicken In Coke- Great or Gross?

A woman at the US Open was filmed dipping fried chicken into coke

The internet has exploded into fury after a woman at the US open dipped her fried chicken into a cup of Coke. Even worse, she then ate it. This is definitely not what Colonel Sanders would have wanted.

But before we all get mad, maybe there’s a reasonable explanation, such as a bad case of cataracts, or her wanting to add a delicious chicken flavour to her Coke. There’s already Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, so why not a Chicken Coke?

After the video was posted by Barstool Sports on Twitter and received over 10,000 likes, people did not hold back their criticism.

Tim Ryan (@TheSportsHernia) tweeted that it's "ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE" while foodie philosopher @WorldofIsaac tweeted “I think we’ve reached a food low”.

If she’s dipping chicken in Coke, this can only mean one thing - she’s using Ketchup to quench her thirst. And that’s just plain bananas.

The investigation is still ongoing, but there’s still no word if the chicken was seasoned with salt and Dr. Pepper.