The New Anti-Ageing Breakthrough That Could Re-Grow Organs

I know a few people could use a brand-new liver.

Have you ever misplaced an organ? Maybe left your kidneys on the bus or your heart in San Francisco? Well now thanks to science, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Harvard science person (or scientist) Professor David Sinclair and a bunch of researchers from the university of New South Wales have developed a technique which reprograms cells. This could potentially help regenerate organs in the body or cure paralysis.

But before you go re-gifting your lungs to your auntie, this research is still in its early stages with human trials set for 2020.

The same team has also had success with a vitamin B derivative tablet that can both cure infertility and decrease baldness, so get ready to see a pregnant Patrick Stewart sporting a mullet down the shops.

Keep in mind the research hasn’t been published yet, with University of NSW researcher Dr Lindsay Wu warning “We do not recommend that people go out and take NAD precursors as they have not yet formally been tested for safety” as reported by the Herald Sun.

But human trails for the pill do start next year, so the public could potentially have access to this sort of pill sooner than you think.