What's The Go With The Au Pairs?

Dutton’s trouble sparks a never-ending Twitter meme

Just a week ago, Peter Dutton thought he was about to become Prime Minister.

Instead, he's the subject of a Senate inquiry about what the go is with the au pairs. And an accompanying meme frenzy.

It's an intriguing question you ask, spilt Crunchy Nut Corn Flakes.

The current Minister for Home Affairs was of course Immigration Minister until he took up the position last week of miscalculating Prime Ministerial candidate.

In 2015, he intervened on two separate occasions to approve visas for au pairs, who were on the verge of being deported. Subsequently it's been revealed that the second of these au pairs was released from detention and granted a tourist visa, despite Australian Border Force advice that she was intending to work for Callum MacLachlan (second cousin of AFL CEO Gil McLachlan, and son of major Liberal Party donor Hugh MacLachlan). This work would put her in direct violation of the tourist visa she was being granted.

While Dutton, as Minister, was entitled to intervene in individual immigration cases, there does seem to be a big question mark over why he chose to in these specific instances.

Way back last Monday, when Dutton's first moves were being made on then Prime Minister Turnbull (I know, an eternity ago), tweeter Matt Burke felt there was a question worth asking:

...and asking...

...and asking...

And he wasn't alone.

Naturally, politicians were reticent to comment. But tweeters were hard at work making up comments for them.

Along with Corn Flakes, messages were turning up in more of flim flam's food.

And it became a real life lesson.

Now only one question remains for Minister Dutton. I can't think of what it is though.