Usain Bolt Proves We’ve Been Blowing Out Candles Wrong

Usain Bolt was on the Central Coast celebrating his 32nd birthday this week

Usain Bolt celebrated his 32nd birthday with some of his teammates at The Tame Fox at The Industry Grounds at Erina. It was a last-minute booking after a training session at the Central Coast Stadium.

Usain was served pork sliders along with a Corona as part of his birthday meal. So next time your doctor tells you to stop eating pork and beer, just remind them that the fastest man in the world uses it as fuel.

But the most incredible moment of the day came from the way he blew out his birthday candles. After being handed his birthday cake, he clapped the candles out.

After the video was posted on Instagram, it attracted a lot of attention. Tom Hogan wrote, “Damn, he’s cool!” Another user, Rani Girl wrote, “Usain at my mate’s café! We really are besties.”

It’s only fitting that the fastest man in the world is also the fastest at blowing out candles. Hopefully he left himself some time to make a wish.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Luke Proust, the restaurant owner, said that Usain ordered chicken wings, which were not on the menu. So maybe Usain’s birthday wish was to finally get some chicken wings.