Kind-hearted Knitters Looking For More Members

So if you can cast on, get involved!

The winter nights are tough for everybody, but they’re especially tough for those who are less fortunate than others. And a warm jumper or rug can be an absolute god send for the poor and homeless on those chilly evenings.

‘Knit One Give One’ are a group of volunteers in Australia who are helping help those in need, by creating and donating knitted blankets, clothes and toys.

The organisation was founded in 2004, with just a few friends and family with an interest in knitting. And now years later it has grown to over 5000 members.

They ship out on average 2000 – 3000 items a week and have so far donated 60,000 items this year.

But now, with energy prices going up, there is a march larger demand for woolly warmers, and KOGO needs a bale more volunteers.

So, if your happy to knit one (and pearl one) contact at