The RACQ Pet Search Competition Gets Catty

There is suspicion of rigging in a Queensland pet search competition

The RACQ Pet Search is on, and some of the competitors are serving out some cat-titude, claiming there is some cheating taking place.

The competition aims to find the most paw-pular pet, with the winner receiving $5000. But some people got suspicious after one of the cat-petitors, Miss Coconut, registered almost 30,000 votes, which was thousands ahead of her second-place rival Biggie, a British bulldog.

Some pet owners audited the votes and found that there were sudden voting surges during the night. There were even complaints made to RACQ and the Queensland Police Service. However, a spokesman for QPS has confirmed that complaints were not being investigated, while RACQ said they did investigate but found no suspicious cat-ivity.

Tracey Evans, the owner of cat Casper, said she took screenshots showing the voting surges and took it to the police as proof of rigging. However, they informed her that her complaint wouldn’t be considered because she’s not the victim of a crime.

According the Courier Mail, spokeswoman Kirsty Clinton from RACQ said, “There is no evidence of cheating by any pets in the final 12,” she said. “If we were to find evidence of cheating, they’d be removed from the competition immediately.”

There are only nine-days left until voting closes, so maybe there’s still a chance for some other pets to make their mark, and we’re not talking about marking territory.