Parma For A Farmer Campaign Is Helping Those In Need

Helping Aussie Farmers and enjoying a delicious Parma? What's not to like?

Who doesn’t love a delicious Chicken Parmigiana? The melted cheese and zesty sauce layered over crisp breaded chicken or eggplant served on a bed of chips that have gone all soft because you stupidly put the parma on top of the chips instead of on the side like you should.

Well now one clever Australian has come up with a way to make the Parma even better; Parma For A Farmer.

With many farmers suffering through one of the worst Droughts Australia has experienced; Parma for a Framer is an effort to help raise money for those in the need.

The brainchild of Amanda Kinross, a dollar from each parma will be donated to ‘Buy A Bale’; an organisation committed to helping Aussie farmers.

As of now around 60 venues have pledged support, but they need more. So if you’re a pub that would like to get involved head to the Facebook group Parma for a Farmer or to Buy a Bale and show your support!

This Friday is Parma for a Farmer Day on The Project. If you’re a pub or club offering to participate this Friday, we want to let us know about it! Drop us an email at with the details.