Former Bachelor in Paradise Star Eyes Politics

Michael Turnbull considers making the switch from reality TV to Federal Politics

Reality TV stars could soon have representation in Canberra.

Bachelor in Paradise star Michael Turnbull has announced via Instagram that he is considering a run for the Federal Senate.

While reality TV and Aussie politics share a number of elements, including scheming, plotting and the name Turnbull, the bachelor alum has hinted he will hitch his chances instead to a youth-focused platform.

“I have a question below,” his post begins. “I am considering running for the senate in the federal election.”

Showing strong political instincts in anticipating the incredulous responses he continues: “Yes, that's right I firmly believe Australia's younger generation deserve to have a louder voice and play a stronger role in how our country is run.”

“I would be dedicated to being that voice.”

“QUESTION : In your opinion what things would you want to see happen or change to benefit Australians of all ages?”

In a testament to the fact that the Internet still has the capacity to surprise, many responses to the post took the form of sincere advice.

Responses to the aspiring pollie included suggestions that he focus on law and order, cyber bullying and training apprenticeships.

“I want to see more assistance for the elderly. Help them to be able to stay in there (sic) own homes longer and give them more pension so they can enjoy the comforts in life. Also more help to our struggling farmers,” one commenter added.

It is unclear whether Turnbull will align himself with a particular political party.