Statements From Coles And Woolworths On Plastic Bags

Supermarkets explain their plastic bag policies

Coles is under fire for reversing a decision to stop providing free plastic bags to shoppers.

A Coles spokesperson provided the following statement:

“When Coles phased out single use plastic bags on 1 July in QLD, NSW, Victoria and WA, some customers told us they needed more time to make the transition to reusable bags.

We’ve been delighted to see customers grow more accustomed to bringing their reusable bags from home so they are relying less on complimentary bags at the checkout.

Many customers bringing bags from home are still finding themselves short a bag or two so we are offering complimentary reusable Better Bags to help them complete their shopping.

Complimentary bags are intended to be an interim measure to help customers make the transition to reusable bags. We will continue to listen to our customers and our teams members on an ongoing basis to assess when customers have become accustomed to bringing their own bags, and will provide them with as much notice as possible.”

A Woolworths spokesperson  provided the following statement:

"We've found the majority of our customers across Australia have embraced the move to a more sustainable way of shopping and we thank them for their patience and support since we phased out single-use plastic bags.

"Our focus is on continuing to help all our customers form new and sustainable habits. That's why we continue to reward customers who remember to bring their own bags with Woolworths Rewards points."