Can Comp Plonk Get People Chatting Again?

Restaurant offers free wine in exchange for phones to promote socialising

In recent years it has become common to see people opting to stare into the bottomless information void of their phones rather than actually communicate with their friends, family and/or pets.

And sometimes a great night out with mates at the local chophouse is ruined by that one friend who can’t pull themselves away from the latest offensive tweets or Hurling score.

Well now a restaurant in Sydney has come up with a clever way to get people chatting again; hand over your phone and enjoy a glass of wine.

‘Contact Bar and Kitchen’ in Woolloomooloo are the establishment to come up with this ingenious idea, providing small lockers behind the bar to hide away your addictive phone.

Owner Markus Stauder says the move was an attempt to bring back the ‘Good old Days’ according to Yahoo7.

“People come in, we give you a glass of wine as long as you give us your phone… They actually start to appreciate the fact they’re not linked or tied to anything”.

The free glass of wine is not just a reward for giving up your phone but also a great way to ease conversational tension or help make Uncle Steve’s boring real estate story little bit more bearable.

The idea has become popular around the world with restaurants having a similar concept popping up in Jerusalem and the United States.

So, who knows? Maybe your local fish and chip shop might adopt the idea, and you could get a free battered sav in exchange for your Nokia 3310!