Do Your Tattoos Stop You Sweating?

Study shows that tattoos make you warmer.

On these cold winter nights, rather than rugging up in bed or sitting in front of the fire place – have you thought of covering your entire body in tattoos to keep yourself warm?

Scientists have discovered that your skin sweats half as much if it is covered in tattoos than if it is clear and free of ink. We all know sweating is important because it is how your body keeps itself cool – so if skin with tatts releases less sweat that means it stays warmer for longer.

While this sounds like it could be a huge problem for overheating apparently it only would be a problem in extreme situations where a person’s body would suffer from heat stress because of cooking under their tattoos.

This less-sweat tattoo situation was discovered by US Professor Maurie Luetkemeier at Michigan’s Alma College, who did a study on sweat rates in relation to tattoos. Their findings were published in Medicine And Science In Sports And Exercise. No word as to whether the Professor got the findings tattoo on his lower back.

The professor wrote that “this is an especially relevant concern for heavily tattooed athletes who exercise in heat, or military personnel who conduct training and combat operations in hot environments.” He did not go on to mention what effect this would have on blokes with neck tattoos who enjoy an afternoon on the couch watching the telly.