Statement from Jim Saleam

Jim Saleam's official statement.

Statement to The Project

I declined to appear on The Project tonight in respect of story-telling and pseudo-allegations made against me in relation to my campaign in the Longman by election.

I state that I am an Australian nationalist and that this position is informed by the traditions of radical-nationalism and labourism from the preceding one hundred and thirty years. Any person who suggests this is not my ideological heritage and position, their argument goes against the sheer volume of my written and spoken work.

In my career I have come up against corrupt political police who engineered a couple of ‘convictions’ for me in the 1980s - which I dub false convictions and against which I continue to organize.

I thank The Project for their offer to address these issues, but a sound-grab can only be answered by a veritable book. I will allow my opponents to smear as they will and lie as they must,

Dr. Jim Saleam July 12 2018