Avozillas Will Destroy You With Delicate Buttery Flavour

Queensland family farmers growing monster fruit

Along with giant avocados, scientists have now developed an extra-little Tommy

It’s fair to say Australians are obsessed with avocados. In recent times they’ve been used as everything from a flavour for chocolate to a measure for home affordability.

Well our country should rejoice, for the not-so-humble avocado has just gotten bigger. Like, FIVE TIMES bigger.

A Queensland family farm has just harvested Australia’s first crop of Avozillas – giant avocados with an average weight of 1.2 kg, with some as heavy as 1.8 kg.

It’s fantastic news for millennials, who can finally afford somewhere to live.

The variety originated in South Africa, and Bungundarra’s Groves family are the only commercial growers of the monstrous variety in Australia.

David Groves told the ABC that the taste was very buttery, a key consideration when they decided to start growing Avozillas.

"Often big fruit and big vegetables don't taste as good as the smaller ones but in this case, they really do, they are a very good eating fruit."

The Groves family have 400 Avozilla trees on their family farm.

Retailing at around $12 a pop, the giant avos are reportedly flying off the shelves.

"The only ones we struggle with are the smaller ones but the larger ones are already pre-sold before they even leave Queensland," said Cameron Perna from Perth produce distributor Mercer Mooney.

"We have two to three buyers that pretty much clean them up before they even land."

The only problem is that if you misjudge their freshness and cut it open at the wrong time, you’re stuck with 12 dollars worth of inedibility.

The breed, a cross between two different avocado sub-species, was originally called Post Office before being renamed by the plant breeding rights owner to the somewhat less misleading Avozilla.

Though don’t be fooled, they may be called Avozillas, but their only similarity to the original monster Godzilla is their unusually large size. And possibly their bumpy green skin.

But none of the fruits harvested so far have been capable of blasting cities with an Atomic Ray.

And pitting Avozilla against Mothra would be likely to result in an infestation.