Slim Dusty Pub Is A Bit Slim On Grog

The iconic slim dusty song that has come to life

The Town and Country hotel featured in the Slim Dusty song ‘Duncan’ has run in to trouble with it’s liquor license and can no longer serve beer.

Slim Dusty is famous for his other song ‘The pub with no beer’, and now the Town and Country pub is literally that.

The owner of the St Peters watering hole; Helen Filips, is encouraging punters to bring their own tinnies. The kitchen is still open, so they can have a delicious meal and drink whatever they prefer.

Helen took over the pub in August last year and after renovations were completed the hope was that the new licence would be sorted in a few weeks, but now it looks like it will take a few months.

Things aren’t looking too bad, with the local community getting behind Helen, turning up for a bit of grub with their own stubbies or bottle of plonk under arm.