New Bulldogs Chairwoman Lynne Anderson On Recreating Father's Legacy: 'The Beating Heart Is Your Members And Fans.'

Only weeks into her new role as Bulldogs chairwoman, Lynne Anderson opens up on the family-friendly direction of the club’s future, while reflecting on a lifetime of memories with the team.

What you need to know
  • Lynne Anderson was elected chairwoman in February 2018 in landslide vote
  • Driven by a lifetime of memories of the club, she is eager to reclaim the glory days
  • Anderson takes the reins as the daughter of former CEO Peter 'Bulldog' Moore and wife of former player and coach Chris Anderson

Lynne Anderson is a Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldog through-and-through.

She grew up on the hill at Belmore Park, as her dad, Peter ‘Bullfrog’ Moore, shaped the club from the inside as Chief Executive Officer from 1969 to 1995. Anderson went on to marry legendary Bulldog player and former coach Chris Anderson, forever cementing her ties with the club.

After an intense election campaign early this year, Anderson was voted in as chairwoman, and says it's her mission to emulate her father’s reign and bring back ‘the family club.’

"My memory of sitting on the grandstand steps, that comes back to me a lot, " she said.  "I was probably nine or ten, and Dad would just park me there, and know I would still be there because I really did love the game."

Years of turmoil on and off the field have left club members screaming for a return to the old days, and Anderson believes that's what drove her landslide victory of 471 votes.

“That was one of the most beautiful things, that so many people reached out and said ‘we love this club, and we really want you guys back there,’” she said.

“A lot of people felt the club was always a bastion of showing respect, [but recently]  members felt they weren’t being listened to, or [we weren't showing respect] to some of our players that we were shopping around publicly.

"The beating heart is your members and fans."

Alongside Anderson, the team's Board of Directors is made up of rugby league royalty, from former players John Ballesty, Steve Price, Paul Dunn, Steve Mortimer to her husband Chris Anderson and local businessman John Khoury.

It's no secret salary cap issues and the sacking of head coach Des Hasler have plagued the Bulldogs, but Anderson said the board is still reviewing its challenges and she feels confident facing them.

“We have a board that is steeped in rugby league experience, and sporting experience, and we know challenges come and go...  but clubs that have the right culture get back on top,” she said.

“Clearly with Des we are in legal talks, going forward the salary cap is well-documented... we have a plan we’ll certainly be taking to members and fans soon.

“There is nothing there that I am not confident we can turn around.”

As last year's season wrapped up, commentators labelled the Bulldogs “the once-envied club” – driving Anderson to 'bring back the brand' she says her father worked tirelessly to build. 

One of his lasting legacies at the club was his 'family-orientated' approach – while that ideology is a driving force for Anderson, she stresses she will still do the job her own way.

“I think it will be a different footprint on the club," she said.

"It’s a different time, different gender, different approach.  But what I’ve learned from [my father] and my husband from when he was a coach is the same family-orientation – so that won’t change.”

She said her love of the game has been forged through a lifetime of memories and experiences with her father, and it will shape her leadership as she hopes to bring the Bulldogs back to their glory days.