Six Times Aussies Were Robbed Of The Title!

These are six times I believe an Australian should have won but were absolutely bloody robbed of it!



Big Brother 2001

To this day she is the most famous person to come  out of Aussie Big Brother. Say any other name to someone and they’ll be like “Marlon who?”. Did we love or hate ‘The Bum Dance’? I don’t know! Did we love or hate the bunny ears? We hated them. Either way she sure did get our attention and provided endless entertainment. Devo she left with Bronze. Sara-Marie, you were officially robbed.

Robbed while wearing the ears

Dami Im

Eurovision 2016

Im is known for achieving the highest Eurovision score for Australia. She was awarded second place in 2016 but not without some competition controversy. Reports emerged that the Ukraine's winning entry, 1944, was illegal and should have been disqualified. Ukraine's winning song had breached competition rules because it had been performed publicly three years before Eurovision. This is a big NO NO as all songs should sound like and be written the week before. We need more Eurovision cops, so this never happens again.

Im, the Aussie legend brushed it off, telling Sunrise, “The Australian spirit is to be, you know, good sports.” Dami Im, you were officially robbed.

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Real robbed

The Four Guys Beaten By Steven Bradbury

2002 Winter Olympics

This one isn’t an Aussie being robbed, it’s a dedication to the Aussie who robbed everyone in a comp to get the gold. Sure, we hate when an Aussie is robbed but we LOVE when an Aussie robs the rest of em! You know the race I'm talking about, it’s the one where a guy was the only ice skater who didn’t fall over and that was the only reason he won. Li was the first to fall, the American then clipped Ahn and Turcotte, with all three hitting the ice-deck. So far behind that his probably fifth place tears couldn't be noticed was Bradbury, who then skated past to win the coolest of gold medals. Bradbury, you officially robbed all those boys (nice!).

Image result for steven bradbury gif
Robbed em!

The Final Bachelor Girls

The Bachelor Season 6

Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman were the final two standing in season six of The Bachelor Australia. They were both in love with a man called ‘The Honey badger’.  Not many people know that the honey badger uses stinky odor produced in the anal gland to chase away predators. That’s the animal one not the human Bachelor, whether he also uses this method to chase off predators is still unknown. Anyway back to the rob! In an all time first, the Bachelor chose nobody. Two ladies looking for love went home…um still looking for love? Brit and Soph, you were officially robbed.

Image result for brittany and sophie the bachelor
Killed two birds with one rob


Under 16’s Irish Dance Comp

I didn’t feel ready to go up to intermediate level but apparently, I was too “old” for juniors. Me, a 12-year-old self-described dance prodigy of the under 12’s entered their first intermediate Irish dancing comp. I walked on stage and realised what I was up against. These weren’t girls…these were women. OK, in retrospect they were 15-year-old girls, still very young, not adults in any way.  I was smashed, destroyed, made a fool of…I didn’t even place top 10 (there were 11 of us). I went from placing first in all junior comps to this. That day I river danced in what felt like a muddy dehydrated dam.  I was officially robbed!*

Me before I was robbed

*I’m totally over it and wanting to write this list doesn't mean anything.


Ricki-Lee Coulter

Australian Idol 2004

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since Ricki-Lee burst onto the scene and became a household name and it’s ever harder to believe she didn’t win her season of Idol. And yes, it was her season! This was the ultimate rob. Ricki didn’t come in second or even third. It’s tough to even type but Ricki placed seventh in the comp.  Throughout the season Coulter was regarded as a favourite to win the competition especially after her performance of Whitney’s Houston’s ‘I have nothing’. Dicko was a man of truths and he described her departure as a scandal! Well after Coulter left, you know who had nothing? Australian Idol did had nothing! Ricki, you were officially robbed!

Image result for ricki lee coulter gif
Dicko insinuates she was robbed!

You can catch Ricki-Lee this week on The Sunday Project.