Web Series ‘Over And Out’ Delivers Key Tips For Post-Apocalyptic Parenting

Raising kids isn’t easy at the best of times, but it’s substantially harder when you have to juggle your toddlers with battling hordes of zombies.

That’s the premise behind new Aussie web series Over and Out, written by and starring husband and wife team Christiaan Van Vuuren and Adele Vuko.

The 5 episode series, with each episode zipping by in around 6 minutes, blends hilarious black comedy in an action setting with splashes of horror. This might be a series based around a family but it’s probably not that family-friendly.

Adele, who came to prominence as part of the comedy team Skit Box (remember Activewear?), plays Freya, a no-nonsense mother who won’t hesitate to blow some brain-hungry zombies away in a quest to get the baby wipes.

“It’s pretty much how I am,” Adele says in a behind-the-scenes video, “except instead of killing zombies or, you know, knifing cannibals, I just yell at people if they park in the pram parking, and they don’t have a pram. I get real angry.”

Freya’s somewhat more reserved husband, and hands-on dad, Lewis is played by Christiaan, who, alongside his brother, Over and Out’s director Connor, brought you the Bondi Hipsters and ABC TV’s Soul Mates.

And the family affair doesn’t end there, with the couple’s toddlers in the series being played by their real life kids, Felix and Elkie. Which was one way to deal with childcare when mummy and daddy work together.

The perils of keeping the zombies at bay while playing with dollies is complicated by such modern crises as how to deal with pig-people without being speciesist (look out for Brooke Satchwell in a snouty cameo), and what happens when inoculating against the zombie virus comes up against anti-vaxxers.

Funded by Screen Australia and Google Australia, the series recently took out the Best Short Form Series prize at the CANNESERIES Festival of TV and web series, and is nominated for four awards at next month’s Melbourne WebFest.

It's one example of how Australians are looked at as world leaders in the web series (aka short-form series) medium.

For the last two years, Australian series have won the Web Series World Cup, based on awards, nominations and selections at web festivals worldwide. High Life took out the Cup in 2017 and This is Desmondo Ray won last year, with several other Aussie series taking out spots on the upper rungs of the ladder.

“Australia punches above its weight in terms of international audience for web and short format content,” Christiaan told Variety earlier this year. “Short form series seems to be replacing short films as the way that most people break into film and TV. That was certainly our path.”

The couple are now developing Over and Out as a half-hour series. Meanwhile, not content to release just one awesome comedy series online this month, last week Adele unveiled a new series with Skit Box.

Adele and Christiaan will be on The Project tonight. Meanwhile, you can watch all of Over and Out right here: