Extended Interview: Hannah Gadsby Tells Peter Helliar Her Favourite Lines In Nanette

29 minute interview shows further insights into the making of Nanette

Hannah Gadsby's full interview with Peter Helliar from The Project has revealed some further insights into the creation of her phenomenal hit show Nanette.

She offered a couple of lines that she said were the ones that, when she thought of them, caused her to cry "Pens down!"

The teacup line - "my favourite sound in the whole world is the sound of a teacup on a saucer" - and it's not a joke, it's not, but for me it just sort of really sums up what is Heaven for me, and it's a nice way of showing who I am in the most succinct way.

That's not to mention her other favourite line... which she loves because it's a fart gag.

Gadsby also spoke of how, while the release of Nanette has seemingly timed perfectly with the #metoo movement, her own motivation for doing the show came from a very personal place.

I wasn't looking at the world going 'I'm going to right this wrong', I was just going 'I've just got to get this out of me'.

Check out Pete's full interview with Hannah above, and catch more of The Project, Sunday to Friday at 6:30 or on Tenplay.