Nigel Farage Brexiting All The Way To Australia

The leader of the Leave campaign speaks to The Project

As British Prime Minister Theresa May struggles to implement Britain’s exit from the European Union, the man who spearheaded the Brexit campaign is heading to Australia.

Nigel Farage has held a seat in the European Parliament since 1999, campaigning all the time to make that position redundant. As the leader of the UK Independence Party, he mobilised a nationalist sentiment which, on 23 June 2016, shocked the world.

51.8 percent of people who cast their vote in the referendum voted for Britain to leave the EU. The result ended David Cameron’s career as Prime Minister, and, having achieved his aim, Farage quit the leadership of UKIP too, leaving others to work out exactly what a Brexit was, and how it might be achieved.

And while he continues to enjoy a parliamentary pension from the EU of around AU$130,000 per annum, Farage is continuing to snipe from the sidelines as a media commentator, offering last week to return as UKIP leader to fight against Theresa May’s “soft Brexit” plan – and possibly helping to bring down a second Prime Minister.

He praised Boris Johnson for resigning as foreign secretary, and hinting that he’s been behind a lot of US President Donald Trump’s criticism of May’s Chequers plan.

“We’ve had the odd chat about it,” Farage told the BBC last week, barely suppressing a smirk.

In September, Farage is touring Australia, where he will argue that Australians should take heed of what he describes as a “global revolution” of nations returning to a more isolationist, less globalised stance, including not just Brexit and Trump, but recent elections in Italy and Austria.

Ahead of his visit, Farage speaks to The Project tonight about what his vision for an independent Britain actually looks like, and how he sees the reshaping of global politics.

Featured image: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire via AAP