Top 10 (Unofficial) Aussie Anthems

There has been plenty of Aussie song lists flying about this summer but it's only here at The Project that we know the true top 10 (unofficial) anthems:


"Neighbours Theme Song" - Janine Maunde

Let's be honest, it's no Barry Crocker but it's still bloody near perfect.


"The Horses" - Daryl Braithwaite

Woahhh easy there girl. Horses galloping into number nine.


"Neighbours Theme Song Ukulele Version" - Al Wood

I'm getting beach vibes, I'm getting holiday vibes but most importantly I'm getting Neighbours vibes. A clear number eight!


"Better Be Home Soon" - Crowded House

I still call Australia home.


"Gluren bij de Buren" - Cees Sleeuwenhoek

Translation - "Neighbours Theme Song"

This Aussie anthem traveled the seas and made it's mark on this German? or  Swedish? quartet. It's a straight up banger.

Really though if you know what language they are singing, chuck it in the comments.


"Eagle Rock" - Daddy Cool

We chose this because Aussies love a top bird and eagles are pretty high up in the bird pecking order.


"Neighbours Theme Song Brass Version" - Seb Skelly

Some legend called Seb Skelly has made a brass version of Australia's second most beloved anthem. Not bad Seb, not bad at all.


"Scar" - Missy Higgins

Another top bird but not quite top of the list.


"Neighbours Theme Song" - Barry Crocker

The original and arguably best version of this classic Aussie TV anthem.


"Down Under" - Men At Work

It was a close call but we couldn't look past the neighbour we wish we all had - lead singer of Men and Work and Aussie legend, Colin Hay.

Men At Work take out number one on our iconic list.

You can catch Colin Hay live at the desk on The Sunday Project, this Sunday 6th January.