Fancy A Fancy Friday Night Dinner?

The Project is launching the 'Fancy Friday Dinner' initiative to help brighten up our week

Alright, it’s time to get out of your trackies. They’re fine for lounging around and doing nothing, but let’s be honest, you haven’t washed them in weeks and that crusty chocolate fudge stain isn’t improving your self-esteem.

That’s why The Project is launching the Fancy Friday Dinner initiative. So time to unplug your microwave!

Now, no Fancy Friday Dinner is complete without a bit of fancy dress. But you’re not alone here! Celebrity stylist Elliot Garnaut has you covered… in the finest clothes!

“If you’re someone that likes something a little bit more low key, but still chic, I’d go with some tailoring,” advises Elliot.

And for anybody with kids, he recommends making accessories for their outfit, so they feel like they’ve contributed to what they’re wearing.

But first, you might want to put away your fancy dress, because it’s time to get our hands dirty! Thanks to Masterchef Judge Andy Allen, who has provided us with the perfect recipe for our Fancy Friday night feed.

It’s a three-course meal of prawn, lamb, and crumble! But don’t feel intimidated, because there’s a simple instruction video made by Andy himself, which is up on our YouTube channel!

And to top off the fancy vibe, there’s even a Dinner Menu you can print here! There’s no Kids menu, because it’s time to refine some palates! After all, it’s Fancy Friday!

Finally, if you’d like to accompany your meal with some fancy streamed entertainment. No, not Downton Abbey, that’s too predictable! Look no further:

The Globe Theatre:

The Metropolitan Opera:

The Sydney Opera House:

The Australian Ballet:

National Theatre's production of Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch

See you at fancy dinner on Friday! And don’t be late. Unless it’s fashionably late.