Meet The V8 Supercar Driver Who Survived A Violent Crash

24-year-old Macauley Jones survived an intense crash after his brakes suddenly failed

Supercar rookie Macauley Jones was only 24 hours into his V8 driving career when he smashed into a wall at nearly 240 km/h.

It was during a practice round of the Adelaide 500 when his brakes suddenly failed, and he was thrown into a violent mid-air rotation. The smash was so forceful that the back of his car ripped off.

Macauley said, “It was a bit of a daunting accident, that’s for sure… when you have a brake failure, and you’re just a bit of a passenger from there on.”

The accident was a brutal introduction to the pinnacle of a sport his family has lived and breathed for generations.

Macauley’s father is former V8 champion Brad Jones, who was a champion driver for two decades. He watched the horrific accident unfold from the pit lane.

Brad said he knew that his son would be okay, but “it’s a very difficult thing to watch.”

As for Macauley’s mum, she was quite shaken up. Brad said, “I was speaking to her yesterday and she said she couldn’t watch it.”

Following the accident, she advised Macauley to change careers and become a fireman or magician instead.

Now 24-year-old Macauley is the front man for his dad’s team- Brad Jones Racing. And he’s determined to keep creating a little magic behind the wheel.

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