We Meet The Man Who Suffers From So-Called Sleeping Beauty Syndrome

Brad speaks of suffering from a disorder that makes him sleep 20-hours a day

23-year-old Brad suffers from Kleine-Levin syndrome, which is sometimes referred to as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome. It’s a rare disorder that affects every aspect of his life. At least ten times over the past six years, Brad has been asleep 20-hours a day for weeks on end.

“I’ll just go sit on the couch and fall asleep… and then sleep right up until lunchtime the next day…” says Brad.

Kleine-Levin syndrome is a one-in-a-million disorder causing excessive sleep, and cognitive problems, mostly affecting boys.

For Brad, it all started in the middle of Year 12, and when he saw a doctor to get help, they didn’t know how to help him. This resulted in his grades slipping, and he was unable to qualify for special consideration. It then derailed Brad’s uni studies and even his sport.

While Brad can be incredibly impaired during episodes, he can function reasonably well in between episodes. It has enabled Brad to sustain a job in real estate, and while his boss is very understanding, he still feels like a burden.

Brad’s girlfriend, Kennedy, has been through it all with him, and still finds it difficult losing her boyfriend to sleep for two weeks at a time.

“It’s not nice seeing someone like that who’s usually up and about and fun and chirpy,” says Kennedy.

While the cause is still a mystery, and there is currently no cure, most people suffer for between eight to fifteen years, so thankfully there’s an end in sight.

However, Brad is desperate to get through it, saying he just wants to “live every day and not worry about it at all.”

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